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Apr 27 2014 ryacobellis

Fall, 2014, undergraduate internship position: Loyola Phoenix Webmaster

Posted April 27, 2014

The Loyola Phoenix, the university’s student newspaper, is looking for people to hire to be part of its staff next year. They have reached out to the Computer Science department in particular to fill their new Webmaster position.┬áThe Webmaster will be in charge of making sure the Phoenix’s website runs well, and of managing it along with section editors and with Esther Castillejo, the new Editor-in-Chief. They would prefer an undergraduate student to fill the position, mostly because The Phoenix’s staff consists mostly of undergraduates in the Schools of Communication, Business and Arts and Sciences.

The position is part-time and the Webmaster would be expected to work eight to 10 hours per week. He/she would be working primarily in troubleshooting and managing the web site, carrying out layout changes, and uploading content to the CMS during production day on Tuesdays. The Phoenix is looking for someone who could help develop their online platform and improve their web site. This is a paid position, and the person selected would be paid minimum wage.

The Webmaster would start working with the Phoenix staff the very first week of class in August and would work up until the end of the semester, when students leave for Winter break. The start date would be August 25.

All applicants are required to send a resume and short cover letter to ecastillejo@luc.edu.


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