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Apr 22 2014 ryacobellis

YogaDex Independent Study Opportunity

Posted April 22, 2014

Computer science undergraduate looking for fellow student to join him as a co-founder of a new start-up. As a co-founder, you will be compensated with equity in the company. In addition to increasing your technical skills, you will be exposed to other aspects of running a startup: business, marketing, and sales.

The company/project has the current support of Professors Laufer and Thiruvathukal. You will be eligible for six credits of either 391/398.

Company Vision:

To utilize technology to optimize yoga and fitness studios’ schedules to better serve their clients real-time availability. We add value to studios’ services by increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Our social-sharing feature will improve studio’s marketing reach.


Build a Flask program to send and receive SMS messages using Twilio. Compose database queries against the SMS data-set.

Build a tablet App utilizing the camera to link QR-codes to Facebook Accounts. Allow a customer to scan their QR-code to automatically check-in on Facebook.

Skills Preferred:

  • Python
  • HTML 5 & JavaScript
  • iOS or Android (Obj-C or Java)

If interested, send your resume and describe your interest in the opportunity to blake@theyogadex.com. Regardless of your existing experience, don’t hesitate to apply. You will build your experience with the aforementioned technologies during the summer.


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