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Mar 28 2014 ryacobellis

Undergrad unpaid internship in Loyola’s cognitive and affective neuroscience lab (www.canlab.com)

Posted March 28, 2014

Loyola’s CAN Lab (www.canlab.org)  is looking for a student who can help program some fairly basic scripts in Matlab (i.e., read in behavioral reaction time data, do some basic computations, output data in a specific format). There would also be plenty of opportunities for a student to do more advanced work with EEG signal processing in Matlab if they have an interest in that area as well. Probably some coursework in a C-based language would be useful (although maybe not necessary). Hours would be flexible, and the student would be part of a larger research team studying neural dysfunction in individuals with depression and anxiety. If significant academic contributions are made to the project, possibly authorship would be considered in posters and publications. CAN Lab is very open to undergraduate contributions.

Co-Director Rebecca L. Silton will be spending a lot of time in the lab over the summer, and would be able to work very closely with a summer intern. She would also be willing to support/co-sponsor an undergraduate research fellowship application that would provide some funding for the subsequent summer/academic year. There is a very rich research potential with regard to the intersection of neuroscience and computer science.


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