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Mar 21 2014 ryacobellis

Google internship application deadlines later in 2014 for summer 2015

Posted March 21, 2014

Thank you for attending our Google technical information session over Hangouts. We hope that you found this session useful and learned more about Google and current opportunities we have for you as a technical student.

As promised, we’re happy to share our Guide for Technical Development for students aspiring to be future software engineers. The Guide includes resources to develop your skills and knowledge and we hope you find it useful - we referred to many of these courses in our presentation.

Important to note - our applications are now closed for the Engineering Practicum Internship and Software Engineering (SWE) Internship, but to apply for summer 2015 we strongly encourage you to note the below timelines:

- The application for our Engineering Practicum Program opens in late August
- The application for our Software Engineering Internship opens in late September

**Please note that we are currently accepting applications for Software Engineer PhD Internships and PhD University Grad roles, as well as our Software Engineering University Grad role . To learn more about these roles, please visit our student jobs site at www.google.com/jobs/students. Also, for up-to-date information on roles and opportunities at Google for students, we encourage you to follow Google Students on Google+.


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