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Mar 18 2014 ryacobellis

Internships and Summer Jobs at Market News International

Posted March 18, 2014

Market News International (MNI) is a technology-driven news organization with paid intern and summer job opportunities in software development in our Chicago and New York City offices.

MNI has reporters around the world that write insightful news stores that we distributed via our website, Bloomberg, Reuters, email, and many types of feeds. Additionally, we provide ultra-low-latency machine-readable economic data feeds, such as unemployment or CPI numbers, from government agencies world-wide. See http://www.mni-new.com to sample our textual news, and http://www.alphaflash.com for information about our economic data feed.

From a technical point of view, we have offices around the world, and we have 9 data centers located in major financial markets. Most of our core infrastructure is written in Java, as are our internal web sites, but our public web site is based on Drupal. We use Jenkins and Gradle for our build system, git for source code control, and we fully automate our deployment with Puppet.

We have an ever-changing set of software development projects that you might work on. It might be front-end work, or it might be back-end work. It may be a speculative proof-of-concept, or it may be an improvement to our production systems.  Talk to us to learn about our current projects.


What you need to know:

  • Experience writing programs in core Java
  • Familiarity with Linux

Any of the following are nice-to-haves:

  • Experience with TCP/IP and network programming
  • Experience with JUnit and unit testing methodologies
  • Some familiarity with modern client-side JavaScript libraries, like Angular.js.
  • Drupal experience

To apply, or for more information, please email internjobs@marketnews.com. If you are applying, please include your resume, and tell us what your interests are.


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