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Sep 08 2013 ryacobellis

Multiple Chicago Loop Internship positions with MarketNews International

Posted September 8, 2013

Marketnews International (MNI – www.mni-news.com) is a financial news organization that supplies news and economic data from our reporters around the world. We distribute textual news via Bloomberg, Reuters, website and email, and provide the ultra-low-latency economic data feed, AlphaFlash (see www.alphaflash.com).

The MNI technical organization has offices in the Financial District of New York City and the Chicago Loop, with internship opportunities in software development, system and network administration, and devops at both locations.

Software Development

We have extensive Java-based server infrastructure, and a Drupal-based website. Much of our software development work is in Java, with PHP and Javascript for the website, and Python for some internal systems. We have been toying with Scala, and would like to try some proof-of-concept mobile applications, or even applications for wearable technologies, like Pebble.


Familiarity with Java, JavaScript, PHP or mobile technologies.
 Java is our most widely used language.

Experience with TCP/IP and network programming is a plus.

Experience with JUnit and unit testing methodologies is a plus.

System and Network Administration

Work with our senior system administrators to keep our hundreds of real and virtual machines running smoothly in our 10 data centers. We like automation, and make heavy use of Chef and Puppet. Our projects vary over time, but a current project is migrating our monitoring system from Zenoss to Nagios.


Familiarity with basic Linux administration. CentOS or Redhat experience is a big plus.

Scripting ability (shell, Perl, or Python).


DevOps sits at the intersection between development, testing and deployment. We use Gradle with Jenkins for our build system, and build system output feeds into an automated application deployment system based on puppet and RPM packages. Devops projects could involve build, deployment or monitoring.


To work on the build system, you would need to know Groovy.

You might have to do bash or python scripting, depending upon the project.

Familiarity with Jenkins, Puppet or RPM construction is a plus.

Regardless of which area appeals to you, we would like to see you involved in an interesting and useful project. To apply, please email internjobs@mni-news.com with your resume, and tells us what your interests are.


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